It is the basis of winter layered dressing, it is striking, but again, you can always decorate it and refresh it with brooches, necklaces or belts.

Oversized knitwear can be worn in the comfort of a home with tights, walking around the city with leather shorts and socks with pattern, work with a white shirt and pants or for family gatherings with a favorite skirt or jeans from his closet

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    Wear sweater garments this winter

    Get one of your favorite winter season tickets today! You will agree that sweater garments are an indispensable part of every winter season! Warm, comfortable, trendy dresses are an ideal wardrobe during the winter months when you want to look attractive, but at the same time and to dress in layers. No matter whether you […]

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    Christmas sweaters in which you will look (somewhat) adult

    We know, we know … Christmas is a synonym for kitsch, for the very illuminated streets of the city decorated with lamps, balls and pine trees, for shop windows that are flooded with potential gifts screaming at every corner, as well as ugly Christmas sweaters that are all just not decent. Christmas (in our era […]





Beware of a balanced silhouette

  • Wearing large knit dress garments does not have to be a problem for small-size girls. You can wear an Oversize sweater dress with boots over your knees or skinny jeans to lengthen your figure and visually create the balance of the overall figure. 

The strap is everything

  • If you like a bag of jeans, the strap is a full hit. If you like big coats, just make sure that you can tie around your waist. The trick is that you can wear all oversize pieces with the help of straps to define your contours. In this way too many pieces of clothing will not “eat”.

 Even if you upgrade your complete chic

  • The contradictions are sure to attract, at least when it comes to this combination. Giovanna wore a look – statement pensile skirt with a sweeping sweater. A simple gray sweater is the perfect choice to achieve a killer combination. With this combination. 



In addition to being a garment garment for winter, sweatshirt is a very seductive winter piece if you combine it in the right way. Roles can be narrow, wide or oversized, and you must select the appropriate rest of the stack and combine the combination with the appropriate fashion accessories.

To achieve a seductive look, choose a narrow black dress, dress it with a black skirt or lace-up A skirt. As far as shoes are concerned, this can be an ideal combination for the day, but also for the evening, as with the autfit one day our recommendation is to choose straight bajoke boots.